Meat Club is where friends come together to make sausages, smoked meats, and cured meats from scratch.

Start Your Meat Club

Start your Meat Club

Use a who's-free-when app to find a good night and invite some friends over. Keep it to 4 people max, or else it turns into a drunken clown ensemble.

Pick a meat project, source the necessary equipment and ingredients, plan out the meal to feed the troops, and you're ready to roll.

Once you turn it into a regular occasion, give your meat club a name, like the Salami Slingers or Chi-Town Chorizos. Create a team Twitter account, tweet your meat trophies, and give us a follow @meatclubin. Bonus points for making team aprons and wristbands.

We originally started Meat Club as a constructive guys' night. But guys and gals are welcome at Meat Club — as long as they love meat.

Meat Projects

We whittled down our meat projects to pick out the 12 favorites that we thought you'd love the most. After a couple of years making, re-making and re-re-making them, we feel they're foolproof and that when you make them, you'll think they're the dog's bollocks.

The Rules of Meat Club

There aren't many rules to Meat Club, but they're pretty damn important.

Talk About Meat Club

Break Bread Together

Pay Your Way

Respect the Meat

Everyone Participates

Clean Up (Before You Break Out the Whisky)

Don’t Kill Anyone

Whenever we mentioned Meat Club, someone inevitably asked, "What's the first rule? Or are you not allowed to talk about it?"

We just had to add these Fight Club-esque rules to our weekly sausage fest. While a bit cliché, we felt that without those rules Meat Club would simply be incomplete.

Meat Club, the Book

Howdy, we're Ryan and Dietrich. We founded the PDX Meat Club in Portland, Oregon back in 2010.

We made thousands of pounds of meat in our club, and decided to put together a collection of tips and our favorite recipes. We wrote the book we wish we'd had when we started our meat club - simple, illustrative, concise, and fun.

We've initially published Meat Club as an iPad app (Android tablet app is coming soon). Check it out and let us know what you think!

If we get enough love, we'll turn it into a physical book. So tell your friends all about it, sign up for our mailing list to stay in the loop...

... and follow us on the socials to catch a whiff of our new meat recipes when they're out.


Post your meat trophy pics up on Twitter, Instagram and Flickr with the hashtag #meatclub.

Ryan models his baby Coppa.
Dave, Dietric, and Bart sniffing hot dog meat fumes.
Gino is gloating about his Kielbasa.

Start Your Meat Club